All about Spanish 21

Spanish 21 Tips

People who are unfamiliar with Spanish 21 may notice its striking similarity with the conventional casino game of blackjack, when they play it for the first time. Although it’s same as blackjack in many different ways, it gives players additional options of winning, for instance: match the dealer, double down, 7 card Charlie, 6 card Charlie, 5 card Charlie, surrendering and splitting. Let’s take you through some effective tips that can significantly increase your winning chances in this game:

– A Spanish 21 table normally comprises of 5-6 players. Your purpose would be best served if you pick a table that has at least 4-5 players on it, who’re all a little familiar with the game. Regularly playing Spanish 21 with your friends whom you’ve enjoyed the game with in the past, can help you consistently beat the dealer. If you do so, it would mean that either none of you or all of you take a hit at the same time.

– It’s always recommended to play match the dealer optional bet in Spanish 21. It’s a kind of bet which needs to be placed prior to dealing of the hand. The bet amount can be anything ranging from the minimum decided for the table, going up to a maximum of around £ 1000. Depending on the extent of your bankroll and your overall financial health, you must play at least £ 10 per hand.

– It would be best for you to avoid hitting whenever a card valued 6 or lower is dealt to the dealer. It is mandatory for the dealer to hit when he/she is on a 16 or lesser, but stay if he/she is on a 17. By opting not to hit, you reduce the probability of taking away the dealer’s break card. For instance, if the dealer has been dealt a 6 or any card lower than that, you can easily presume that the other card may be a 10 or a lesser value card than that. Now, if you take the break card, you run the risk of getting into a situation where you are going to get beat by the dealer.

– You must always opt for a split if you get a pair of aces. Although it’s pretty unlikely that you may get such a pair, if you do, always keep this basic rule in mind. By splitting, you’ll essentially double your bet on extremely strong hands. In the event that the dealer’s show card turns out to be a 6 or a lower, opt for a hit no matter what the earlier rule says about all players taking the same action. It’s actually one of the rarest occasions when a player is advised to go against the team.

– You should always opt for a double down if you get an 11, provided that the dealer’s show card is a 7 or lower. By opting for a double down, you can double your bet amount, but are allowed only one more card. All that a player can do at this point is to hope for a 10, so that his total becomes 21. Else, the best he/she can hope for is the dealer going bust. In case, the player doesn’t manage to reach even 17 or over with that one card, he/she must surrender his/her cards and let go of half of his/her money.

– Although many off-line and online casinos frown upon counting of cards, you should not hesitate from using it to your advantage. Casinos normally play using 3-4 card decks. Try engaging your dealer in some small talk and find out the number of decks in play. It can help you in counting the face cards and increase your chances of winning.

– You should up your bet amount every once in a while. Continuing betting always the same amount is going to go against you if you wish to win big in Spanish 21. Always crosscheck your winning to losing ratio after every 10 hands, and then increase your bet amounts accordingly. The extent to which you increase your bet amounts is entirely your choice. In the same way, you must reduce your bet amounts if you’ve lost more in the last 10 hands.

– All Spanish 21 players must ideally stand with cards which make their total an 18 or more. On the other hand, they must always hit whenever their total is an 8 or less. There are other relevant strategies applicable to situations when your total is anywhere from 9 to 17.