All about Spanish 21

Spanish 21 vs Blackjack

Any average player playing Blackjack and Spanish 21 back-to-back may feel that both are actually the same, but the fact is that these two games are different from each other in many different ways. In fact, a good number of seasoned Blackjack players aren’t usually even aware that different variations of the game, and alternatives like Spanish 21 also in existence!
Casinos normally indulge in altering the gambling game rules because of various reasons, the two most common being – making the players feel that they have some excellent gambling choices available and second, giving a slightly higher edge to the house.
Blackjack is widely perceived as a highly player-centric game since the odds favour the house only around 1% in this game. Since Spanish 21 features slightly different rules than the standard Blackjack game, the corresponding chances of winning at it also differ from Blackjack. Let’s go over how both these games are different from each other.

Difference between Blackjack and Spanish 21 based on the dealt cards
As you may already be aware, Spanish 21 is played on the same table that you play the regular Blackjack. Your options of winning at this game are comparatively higher than the regular Blackjack. However, casinos normally remove the 10s from the deck in order to even out things, thus significantly impacting the odds of players and dealers receiving high-value cards. The reduced 48 card deck is same as the Spanish deck, the reason why this game is popularly referred to as the Spanish 21.
Normally, a regular 52 card deck consists of 16 high-value cards. However, in Spanish 21, these high-value cards are only 12. This fact can be of extreme importance in case you’re someone who is good at card counting and indulges in it pretty frequently. The removal of 10s from the deck does manage to throw some people off-guard in the beginning.

Difference between Blackjack and Spanish 21 based on the doubling rule
Unlike as in case of Blackjack wherein the players are allowed to double down only on their first two cards, you can double down on any number of cards in Spanish 21. In fact, some of the interesting Spanish 21 variations permit even doubling down of an already doubled hand (redoubling). Surrendering also continues to be an option, and such action is referred to as ‘forfeiting’ or the ‘double down rescue.’

Difference with regard to making of 21
Any player who makes a total hand value of 21 wins the Spanish 21 hand, no matter what the dealer hand may be.

Differences based on the special payouts
Unlike as in Blackjack, you get special payouts whenever you get extraordinary hands in Spanish 21. These extraordinary hands can be like:
– An unsuited 7 7 7 or an unsuited 6 7 8, which paid out at 3 to 2
– 6 7 8 of different suits, which is paid out at 2 to 1
– 6 7 8 of spades, which is paid out at 3 to 1
– A 21 made with 5 cards, which is paid out at 3 to 2
– A 21 made with 6 cards, which is paid out at 2 to 1
– A 21 made with 7 cards or more, which is paid out at 3 to 1
Please keep in mind that the above payouts don’t come into application if you had doubled your hand.
– A suited 7 7 7, with the dealer also getting a 7 of any suit. This kind of hand involves a bonus payout of normally £ 1000 to the player for any bets that are less than £ 25, and £ 5000 if bets are of £ 25 or more. All other players are given an envy bonus of £ 50 each. However, this rule doesn’t apply if the player had split his/her hand.

Apart from the above rules, following are always permitted in Spanish 21, while they may vary from table-to-table in Blackjack:
– Late surrenders
– Dealer receiving a hole card
– Doubling after splitting
– Drawing cards on split As
– Blackjack paying 3 to 2

Difference based on house edge
The house edge in regular Blackjack casino game is 1%. However, when you’re playing Spanish 21, it can go up to 3%. As a result, there are better chances of a casino making money on Spanish 21, than from standard Blackjack.

Regardless, you can still make handsome profits, far better than the standard Blackjack game, if you understand Spanish 21 and play it with optimum strategy!